Tessa is a Brussels based performer, dancer and certified Stott Pilates teacher from New Zealand.

Tessa is passionate about helping people to live a happier and pain-free life through music, movement and mind/body intelligent exercise.


She is active in the Brussels dance and music community, and is herself a DJette inspired by soul music from the 60`s and 70`s. 

Watch this recent interview from BRUZZ TV on Tessa and her Brussels story https://www.bruzz.be/videoreeks/bruzz-international-zondag-16-december-2018/video-tessa-martin-de-brusselaars-hebben?fbclid=IwAR3ka-2qQncoDhiBzHqDkd35-L9Gn6L09hupjSLwmtJ4DU7OG95XzR2P-LU

In March 2021 Tessa will be a certified level one MELT Instructor.  Tessa is always hungry for more body knowledge and more recently since being a mother she has become more passionate about post-natal recovery, about healing and pain-relief through movement, and injury prevention through connective tissue rehydration.  She is excited about re-launching her beloved ballet GOT SOUL workshops which are welcome to all levels and all bodies.


Tessa was introduced to the essentials of Pilates and Barre au sol while studying full-time classical ballet at the International Ballet Academy (NZ) 2003-2005, with dancer/director Sherilyn Kennedy (Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet). 

Since her training she used the essentials of Pilates within her own dance practice because of its concentration on having a strong centre in order to move stress-free.


After graduating Tessa was involved in contemporary dance and theatre collectives - choreographing and performing with live bands in Wellington and Auckland (NZ).  She worked with Claire Luiten, Babyshads Dance Theatre, Viewmaster Dance (NZ).


Her curiousity for travel and her passion for dance lead her to Brussels as she heard it was the apparent `hub` of contemporary dance.


From 2010 to 2016 she worked and performed with Cie. M.E.S.S/Michael Lazic (BE), Belgian group DEZ MONA, Claudia Bosse (DE), singer Joe Blossom (NZ), as well as attaining her Associate Teachers Certification in dance through IDTA `International Dance Teachers Association`


In 2016 Tessa began working with Cie.SOIT/Hans Van Den Broek as a dancer/actress for the premiere of `Celestial Commute at Les Brigittines, Brussels


After years of chronic lower back pain caused by an injury that led to a herniated disc, Tessa started a journey into back rehabilitation and began Pilates teacher training with Master `Stott Pilates` Trainer Marina Buntovskikh as she found that Stott Pilates had a more contemporary and anatomical approach that she was interested in.  Tessa teaches with all the various apparatus such as Stott pilates reformer, stability chair & cadillac.


Tessa teaches classes in both english and french