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Contemporary dance masterclasses

Tessa's classes are a mixture of contemporary/modern/ballet technique with an emphasis on `tension-free movement`.

She begins with travelling through space, and partnering

warm-ups to release weight into your partner.

Partnering is then followed by floor-work powered by the centre and core muscles to travel effortlessly along the floor.

Contemporary release exercises concentrate on core and pelvic stability along with the release of arms, neck and shoudlers.  Travelling phrases along room concentrate on moving from the pelvis `U curve`, therefore moving with grace and control. 

Diagonale phrases concentrate on quick eye-focus and arm coordination with fast turns and jumps. 


Jumping sequences concentrate on lightness and dynamics.

Each class or workshop ends with a choreographic phrase that combines an element of each exercise already practiced to different music of different speeds and dynamics!

Video compilation of Tessas classes & workshops

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